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Binocular Microscope


High quality Binocular Microscope for School, Colleges and Research, Square sturdy base streamlined design.

Interpupillary distance 55 mm to 75 mm and with a straight replaceable microphotographic tube.

Stage and Condenser : Rectangular 115 x 125 mm with co-axial mechanical stage. Sub stage movable by rack and pinion Abbe Condenser of 1.25 N.A. with iris diaphragm and filter.

Fine focusing by graduated drum type helical screw graduated to 0.002 mm. Quadruple revolving nose piece with tball bearing movement.

Illumination : Built in light in the base 220 V or 12 V with a stepdown transformer.

Oil Immersion spring loaded.

Head 360o rotatable
Eyepiece X15 Huygenian in pair, X10 WF in pair
Objectives X4, X10, X40 or X45 and X100
Stand Plain stand
Focusing Rack and pinion
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