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Electro Magnet , U- Form

A Strong U Shaped Magnet , Limb Length 100 Mm ,Wounded With Insulated Copper Wire , 4 To 6 V D.C. Supply .



Magnetising And Demagnetising Solenoid

Comprises Of A Helical Coil Of Insulated Copper Wire ,Mounted On A Base , Supplied With Iron Rod , One Meter Of Lead Wire And Fuse .For Use On 230 V ,Ac Supply.


Induced Current Apparatus

Comprises Of A Primary Coil Of Insulated Copper Wire Wound Upon Cylinder Made Of Non-Conducting Material With Terminals , Secondary Coil Wound Upon Another Cylinder Into Which Primary Fits.A Soft Iron Core Fits Into The Cylinder Of The Primary. Complete With Terminals.


Dynamo , Demonstration

To Demonstrat The Conversion Of Mechanical Energy Into Electrical Energy Or Vice-Versa . 6 To 9 Volts Input Is Required . A Low Voltage Lamp In A Holder With 4 Mm Plugs For Out Put Indication , Mounted On Base With Driving Pulley , Connected To The Small Dynamo Pulley.


Electrical Vibrator

A Steel Wire With A Hook On One Side Is Made To Pass Through Solenoid And A Horse Shoe Magnet. When 220 Volts A.C. Current Is Passed Through The Solenoid The Steel Wire Reverse With Every Charge Of A.C Current Direction And Vibrates With The Frequency Of A.C. Mains. The Frequency Is Calculated As Is Done In Melde's Apparatus. It Can Also Be Used To Measure The Capacity Of A Condenser By Applying The Formula C=1/Vf , Where C Is The Capacity Of The Condenser ,The Microameter Current . V The Main Voltage And F The Frequency.


Motor , Demonstration

The Direction Of Rotation In The Motor Can Be Changed By Either Changing The Direction Of Current Or By Changing The Polarity Of The Magnet , Works On 6 To 9 Volts D.C.


Electric Bell Demonstration

It Works On 3 To 6 Volts D.C. , Mounted On A Base All Parts Are Clearly Visible.


Telegraph Sounder Key

It Works On 3 To 6 Volts D.C. ,Mounted On Wooden Base .All Parts Are Clearly , Visible.



Oersted's Apparatus

To Demonstrate The Effect Of Current On A Magnet And The Direction Of Deflection Comprises Of A Magnetic Needle Pivoted At The Centre Of A Copper Rod Rectangle With Terminals.


Barlow's Wheel

To Demonstrate The Motion Of A Conductor Carring Current In A Magnetic Field. ( Primitive Form Of Electric Motor ) A Current Of Approx , 3 Amps , At 3-4 Volts Causes Steady Rotation Of Star Shaped Copper Wheel ,With Electromagnet But Without Mercury.



Bicycle Dynamo

Mounted On A Wooden Base With Two Sets Of Pulley Driven By Crank For Fast Or Slow Motion .When Driven At Fast Speed The Bulb Glows .Two 4 Mm Sockets Provided In Parallel With The Lamp .



Vacuum Tubes ,Various Shapes

This Consists Of A Set Of Six Vacuum Tubes Of Various Designs ,These Tubes Show Electrical Conduction Through Rarefied Gas Mounted In A Glass Case With Rotary Switch For Selection Of Any Of The Tubes.



Vacuum Tube , With Vanes

To Show The Mechanical Properties Of Cathode Rays ,Radio Meter Vanes Are Painted With Different Flourscent Colours Which Glows Beautifully When Moving At High Speed.



Vacuum Tube , With Vanes

Comprises Of A Vacuum Tube Containing Electrodes That Accelerate Electrons And Direct Them To A Metal Anode To Produce X-Rays Fall On The Fluroscent Screen .Complete With Box (Wooden ) For X-Ray Tube & Fluroscent Screen.


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