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Human Anotomical Models


Unisex Torso, 14 part

This model is hand-painted true to detail. Made of high-quality plastic. This popular school torso is supplied with the following removable parts: 3-part head, 2 lungs, 2-part heart, Stomach, Liver with gall bladder, 2-part intestinal tract, Front half of kidney, Front half of urinary bladder .Supplied with Torso Guide. 870 x 380 x 250mm.


Median and Frontal Section of the Head

2 relief models on baseboard. 410 x 310 x 50mm.




Head Model, 6-part

This life-size 6-part head features a removable 4-part brain half with arteries. The eyeball with optic nerve is also removable and one side exposes the nose, mouth cavity, pharynx, occiput and skull base. 190 x 220 x 20mm.



Head and Neck Musculature, 5-part

Representation of the superficial musculature and deep muscles, nerves and vessels. Dissectible into skullcap and 3-part brain. Delivered on removable baseboard. 360 x 180 x 180mm.


Introductory Brain, 2-part

A medially divided brain, perfect for beginning studies. Delivered on removable base. 150 x 140 x 175mm.



Nervous System, 1/2 life-size

This relief model shows a schematic representation of the central and peripheral nervous system. An excellent model to study the structure of the human nervous system. Delivered on baseboard. 800 x 330 x 60mm.



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