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Flexible Arm Magnifier

General purpose magnifier consisting of a large bioconvex lens mounted on a flexible arm. The heavy base provides stability whilst the flexible arm and swivel lens mount allow the lens to be used in any position or plane.
Dimensions :
Lens focal length 250 mm
Lens diameter 100 mm
Magnification X2 approx
Arm length 300 mm
Base 150 x 110 mm length x width


Tripod Magnifier

With adjustable focussing, very useful for elementary, biological work because of its large view field, dia 40 mm.

Type A B C
Magnification X4 X5 X6


Metal Linen Testers

The 10X and 8X model linen testers are strong enough for inspecting coins and stamps or reading microprinting to detect counterfeit checks & currency. The 6X linen tester is good for both textiles and as a quality promotional giveaway since the vertical portion is solid & has a 1 inch square area for printing. The one on the right is also 6X but has a double lens which gives better resolution for separating colour dots. The 50mm, 3X model in the upper right currently only comes with inch measurements (all others are dual scale: metric-imperial).


Magnifiers, Bakelite Handle

Brass frame, bakelite handle with brass knob duly bright chrome plated packed in card board boxes.
Type Lens Dia. Focal Length Magnification
A 50 mm 100 mm X3.5
B 63 mm 200 mm X2.25
C 63 mm 150 mm X2.5
D 75 mm 200 mm X2.25
E 75 mm 150 mm X2.5
F 87 mm 200 mm X2.25
G 100 mm 200 mm X2.25
H 100 mm 150 mm X2.5


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