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Slotted Masses Iron

Made of Cast Iron, black enamelled finish, with large hole in the centre and small slot designed to prevent masses sliding of hanger. Accuracy 5%.

Type A B C D E F
Mass (gms.) 50 100 200 500 1000 2000


Mass Hangers Iron

Iron for masses
Type A B C D E F
Mass (gms.) 50 100 200 500 1000 2000



Masses Hooked Cylindrical

Chromium plated with cylindrical weight with long hook. Loose or in a wooden box.

Type           Capacity
A      10 gms each weight. Set of 12.
B      20 gms each weight. Set of 12.
C      50 gms each weight. Set of 12.
D      100 gms each weight. Set of 12.


Force Table

For verifying the laws of composition and resolution of forces, comprising a machined aluminium table 40 cm dia. Its raised rim has engine divided scale graduated 360, on heavy vertical support rod and tripod base. Complete with 1 ring, 4 sliding clamp pulleys, 4 weight hangers and 12 weights (2 x 10 gms, 2 x 20 gms, 4 x 50 gms, 4 x 100 gms).



Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus

For verifying the relation between forces acting at a point. Board 750 x 500 x 12 mm on battens, with two aluminium pulleys 50 mm diameter, with clamp for mounting in any position; four S-hooks, scale pan 100 mm diameter. Without masses.




Double Parallel Plastic
Model KPMCH110
With two wheels of polypropylene pulleys of diameter 50 mm in an aluminium frame with hooks.

Double Parallel Metal
Model KPMCH111
With two wheels of aluminium pulleys of diameter 50 mm in an brass frame with hooks.

Triple Parallel Plastic
Model KPMCH112
With three wheels of polypropylene pulleys of diameter 50 mm in an aluminium frame with hooks.

Triple Parallel Metal
Model KPMCH113
With three wheels of aluminium pulleys of diameter 50 mm in an brass frame with hooks.



Differential, Aluminium

A one-piece triple pulley with diameters of 38, 51 and 63.5 mm in metal frame with hook.



Collision in Two Dimensional Kit
Curved ramps 260 x 325 mm. Length x radius with metal ball track, fitted to base 140 x 90 mm length x width, one adjustable ball supports, one clamp to fit slot on base of ramp. One plumb line assembly and 2 steel ball 12 mm dia


Inertia Balance

For Investigating The Nature Of Mass And The Distinction Between Mass And Weight. Two Metal
Trays 130 X 55 X 23 Mm Are Joined Together With Two Spring Steel Strips Of 10 Mm Width , The Distance Between The Trays Being 215 Mm . One Tray Is Drilled To Accept 3 Equal Cylindrical Masses. The Other Tray Can Be Clamped To A Bench Horizontally Or Vertically. Complete With 3 Masses And A G-Clamp.


Friction Apparatus (Inclined Plain)

For Experiments On Sliding Friction , Comprises Inclined Wood Plane 600 X 100 X 20 Mm ,With 22 Mm Diameter Pulley , Hinged To Wood Base 450 X 100 X 20 Mm With One Each Wood Blocks ,200 X 75 Mm And 100 X 75 Mm,Steel Block 100 X 75 Mm. Scale Pan 75 Mm Diameter ,Cord And Hooks .


Falling Bodies Apparatus

To Demonstrate That A Body Impelled Horizontally Will Have Vertical Acceleration Same As That Of A Body Falling Freely. Two 19mm Dia Steel Balls Are Launched By Releasing A Push Button .This Projects One Ball Forward And The Other Falls Freely.This Mechanism Is Mounted On A Wooden Block ( 180 X 60 X 30 Mm ).


' G ' By Free Fall Apparatus

This Apparatus Consists Of A Solenoid ( For Prompt Release Of The Sphere On Being Disconnected ) And Gate Switch Unit Mounted On A Base Which Is Clamped On A 12 Mm Diameter Retort Stand Rod.Connections Are Made Through 4 Mm Sockets ,The Gate Switch Unit Consists Of A Hinged Metal Plate Held Against An Adjustable Contact By Means Of Small Permanent Magnet So That By Proper Adjustment The Plate Falls Promptly At The Impact Of The Falling Sphere.Centi Second Timer Can Be Used With This Apparatus.


Centi-Second Timer

Mains Operated Electronic Timer Reads 0 To 99.99 Seconds.The Display Comprises Of Four 7 Segment Digits To Read Seconds And Centi Seconds.Two Pairs Of 4 Mm Sockets Colour Yellow (Start ) Black (Stop ) With Two Push Button Switches Are Controlled With A Mode Switch Which Enable Either Make Or Break Pulses To Be Used To Operate The Timer.
Power Supply : 2v / 0.5 A With Reset .


Free Fall Tube ( Guinea And Feather )

Hard Glass Tube 610 X 48 Mm ,With Two Ruber Bungs ,One Carring Brass Tube And 380 Mm Rubber Tubing For Evacuation By A Vacuum Pump .

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