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Micro Pipette


Digital Micro Pipette

It is user-friendly with a good grip, and can be used with one hand. Being ergonomically designed, it takes the strain out of working continuously. The smooth movement of the piston makes the handling still more comfortable.

Perfect setting of the volume can be easily achieved with the help of the digital indicator and the push button and it can be locked with a single touch lock mechanism.


Pipette Stand, Polythene, Circular

Stable non corrosive, detachable stand. Holds 28 pipettes having maximum dia14 mm. The base has 225 mm dia with a polythene coated square rod having length 375 mm screwed into the base. Two indepndently adjustable discs having 1765 mm dia are provided. Small pilot holes in the bottam discs provide a rest for the pipette tips and drainage of liquids from the Pipette to the baser of the stand. The base has a rim and acts as a drip tray. Arrow marks provided on the disc should be parallel, when fixing to ensure that the corresponding holders are centered.

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