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Student Projection


The instrument is being used satisfactorily in various educational institutes, pathological and research laboratories. It is also being used in textile industries by fixing micrometer eyepiece. This microscope has a specially designed projection lamp with 6V/20 Watt

Halogen Bulb to give the best possible performance and brightest light. Inclined shaped attractive body with 15cms. Dome (Screen), detachable mechanical stage and optical combination of:

One eyepiece-10x and
A. Two Objectives - 10x, 20x.
B. Three objectives - 10x, 20x, 45x.
C. Three objectives- 20x, 45x, 100x.
D. Four objectives - 10x, 20x, 45x, 45x, 100x

Other optional Accessories
(1) Micrometer Eyepiece 10x
(2) Wall-Projecting Attachment





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