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Test Tube Stands


Test Tube Stand, Wooden

Made of seasoned hard wood, polished, single row with pegs.Holes 18mm diameter and 25 mm hole at each end.
a) : For 6 pegs and Holes
b) : For 12 Pegs and Holes.


Test Tube Stand, Polythene high density

The base size 210x82mm gives stability. Can accept 2 tubes of 25 mm dia and four tubes of 16 mm dia. 6 vertical pegs at the rear edge of the base ensures quick drying of the tubes.

(a) The rack accepts 2 tubes of 25mm dia, and 4 tubes of 16 mm dia.


Test Tube Holder

Chrome plated spring steel wire holder with finger grips. The jaws will accepts tubes upto 38mm diameter and their alignment is maintained by a wire collar. Overall length 130mm.


Test Tube Holder

Comprising Stout hard rolled brass strip mounted in a wooden handle, accepting test tubes from 12 to 40 mm dia. Overall length 220mm

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