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Ripple Tank

The Ripple Tank Consists Of A Metal Tray With A Transparent Base And Detachable Legs,Overall Size Of Tray 380 X 380 X 45 Mm Deep .

A Inverse ' U ' Shaped Bracket Is Provided Which Can Be Attached To The Sides Of The Tank And Used To Carry The Wave Generating System . A Set Of 4 Metal Reflectors Consisting Of A Pair Of Straight Reflectors ( Barriers ) 150 X 25 Mm , A Curved Reflector Of 160 Mm Chord Length X 25 Mm High And A Short Straight Reflector 25 X 25 Mm. A Set Of 4 Loose Gauge Strips Are Provided For Reduction Of Unwanted Reflections From The Sides Of The Tank.The Ripples Are Produced By A Small 1.5 Volts D.C. Electric Motor Operates On 1.5 V Cell Mounted At The Centre Of A 200 Mm Wave Generator Bar With A Row Of Holes To Mount The Spherical Dipper. Illuminant Operates On 220 V -60 Watt.
Also Available With In-Built Power Supply.Input 220v 50hz Out Put 1.5 Volt To 3 Volt D.C. For Running Rippler Motor And 12v ,21w For Operating Illuminant .


Tuning Fork

Blue Steel , Plain Shank, Set Of 8 With Frequency Marked .

Note Frequency, Hz Note Frequency, Hz
C 256 G 384
D 288 A 426
E 320 B 480
F 341 C 512


Bell In Vacuum

An Electric Bell Working On 2.4 Volt D.C. Suspended In Bell Jar With Connections To Terminals Mounted On Rubber Bung Sealing The Jar. For Use On Pump Plate Not Less Than 150 Mm .



Powell's Wave Machine

For Demonstrating The Movement Of Progressive Transverse Waves, Comprises 22 Small Balls Fitted On Wire Rods,With Eccentric Motion Attachment And Driving Handle.Fitted On Base .


Wave Apparatus Demonstration Model

To Demonstrate Longitudinal And Transverse Motions,Comprises Of A Number Of Eccentric Discs Supporting A Series Of Metal Rods.On Revolving The Handle, Transverse Waves Are Obtained. Longitudinal Waves Are Obtained With Bent Rods Running In A Metal Guide .



Organ Pipe

It Consists Of A Wooden Pipe And A Graduated Sliding Rod, 700 Mm Long When Fully Extended. As The Air Column In The Pipe Vibrates , A Musical Sound Is Produced.


Savart's Toothed Wheel

It Consists Of A Set Of 4 Toothed Wheels ( 75 Mm Dia ) Mounted On A Spindle And A Pack Of Six Cards. Ratio Of Teeth Is 4:5:6:8 . It Is Used With Whirling Table. As A Card Is Held Against The Teeth Of A Ratating Disc And The Speed Is Slow , A Different Sound Is Heard As The Card Passes Each Tooth. When The Speed Is Increased , The Taps Are Heard Closer And Give A Musical Note.



Whirling Table

It Can Be Used In Vertical Or Horizontal Position . It Is Fitted With Hand Wheel , Belt Driven Pulley And Adapter For Mounting Newton's Colour Disc , Watt's Governor , Savart's Toothed Wheel , Seebeck's Paratuses Which Need To Be Rotated.

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